greetings from sebastopol, ca.

window witch brew

took last friday off work— so mi mom, ratta and i headed up north to have lunch in west marin.
instead we ended up the road by bodega and went on to occidental. afterwards, we came across the cutest evening farmer’s market and had a nice stroll amongst a talented musician, bread makers, cheese goddesses and displays of beautiful leafy greens. i met the artist dirty mat leonardo, we chatted for a bit about micron pens and birds.

sebastopol day trip

a pleasant afternoon in the farmer’s market. occidental, ca.

love this neat dude + that beard.

we then continued the nice afternoon by looking for a nice dose of evening coffee before we headed back to the city, and we stopped in downtown sebastopol. it had been almost a year (or two?) since last time i was up in that pocket of sonoma and i hadn’t notice a whole area of new retail, brewery/wine rooms and storefronts adjacent to the newish (2013 or so, i believe) rialto theatre, which seems like quite a popular destination for friday nite. i love seeing movies in the theatre and wouldn’t mind planning an outing up there, looks new-era of cinema cool.

wine bike doggie

this is outside a senior housing apt bldg. very cute!

curvy derby

curvy derby

ding ding

anyway, these awesome metal sculpture pieces are everywhere in sebastopol (spotted the first one after lunch in occidental, and in bodega) they are made by local artist duo patrick amiot and brigitte laurent. <

🎨🚲🙃💯 × very groovy.
can’t wait to come across more of their sculptures, hope to return soon!

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