I had a few days of vacation other than the NYE/holiday break for the first time in a couple of years and spent quality time with mi loved ones. It was precious time.
To conclude the break, I was fortunate to see two of mi dear amigas yesterday and we watched the Mexico vs. Croatia game in the StreatFood corner at 11th and Bryant.

I drew Adrienne:
Ade, Declan y loud fútbol fans.

I drew this several hours after watching the MEXvsCRO game with Adrienne y Declan. Saw la CTX for a short bit too 🙂

I’ve tried to exercise my sketching process after the fact, just for fun and something different. I prefer doing people+places while present, however I often rather dedicate my focus and observations to simply enjoying the moments life gifts to one’s day.

Just wanted to say hi, I’m here observing, often reading – but mostly eating.
Hope your corner of the world is treating you well.