Short + super sweet post for Howell Devine.
This past weekend KT + I headed over to Club Deluxe for late-nite pizza & some spirits. Howell Devine is a fun jazz/blues beats local band, and they played a few sets that night. What seemed like their super no.1 fan completely stole the show, dancing to the music the entire time with such freedom and passion.

Hands up. Hands down. Lyrics. Pause.
Turn. Stand. Hips. Move in place.
And his Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shirt.

He must have been a bit over 60 and the youngest at heart amongst us, the happiest person in that very moment. And as the small, packed and pleased audience, it was as refreshing as it was enjoyable.

video from their website/youtube channel:

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As of for me, this was a good weekend with great company. I don’t always get to see many of my friends within two days. Very grateful to savor every moment. This is the only foto I took this weekend (and a couple of my friends’ cats, of course)
howell devine

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