Dynamo in the Marina

Over 4 years ago –wait, what?!– I posted about a new donut place on 24th [Cop Diet Special] serving Portland’s darling Stumptown coffee (at that time). Dynamo donuts has since switched to our own local darling Four barrel coffee.

From the Mission to the Marina green, the donuts have arrived to a little kiosk on a very walkable area between the yacht club and the beginning path on Crissy field which leads to Fort Point. For those of you outside the Bay Area, this is rather close to the Golden Gate Bridge and that creamy dome peeking into one of the images below is the Palace of the Fine Arts, also a nice green area to walk around or read a book +BYOCoffee.

Dynamo in the Marina
Dynamo in the Marina

Previously, the kiosk sold basic snacks +beverages and they did sell San Francisco’s finest It’s Its! so that was cool. I loved the old sign there, this was taken September of 2009:

this way is it!

Got to check out the place, shortly after it stopped raining so there was not many people out and about at all, great time to roam the green areas, such fresh feeling.

Dynamo in the Marina

This place is gerat to drink some coffee with a simple but full espresso bar, and eating donuts while sitting down and watching tons of exercising bunnies hop on by.
I loved the bright orange, nice touch of colour.

Dynamo in the Marina
Dynamo in the Marina

While people watching and seeing all the exercising bunnies go about their way, I’m going to do the complete opposite and enjoy myself by eating a donut, or two. For those roaming with your 4-legged best friends, there’s dog donuts 🙂


And if you are not in the mood for donuts, this view never gets old..