the world is cruel
the world is cruel. he rather talk to the wall.
market st.

– – –
hola all.
thank you for all the kind words and recent comments upon my return to posting+writing+sharing+blogging. A slow pace, has certainly been a bit smoother than I had initially thought. LC (my beautiful Italian bloggie-friend living in London) told me earlier this month, and I’d like to quote her: “The blogosphere can be a powerful world, through your blog we have to come love you and think of you as a dear friend.”
Powerful indeed.

I feel the same way about you. Blog pals, good friends, long time readers – I have had the pleasure to meet many, and even if we have not yet met, it certainly is reciprocal with you all.
The blogesphere has allowed us to share, read and connect with a global community. To feel like we quite know each other and enable us to grasp a level of inspiration, admiration, variation and reflection we all give and take from this, is beautiful.

Enjoy this black+white set of photos.
These were all taken between February-April, in San Francisco.
All photographs are straight the from camera, taken with my Leica lens/Panasonic LX5.
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velcro. the world’s most beautiful kitteh.
la taqueria
la taquería, on mission st.
okay. mission pie on 25th.
february birthday gurlfriend 1
february birthday gurlfriend. part 1. mission district.
february birthday gurlfriend 2
february birthday gurlfriend. part 2. outer richmond district.
i do
“if you live in SF please do not forget to remember how lucky you are.” geary st.
snail mail
snail mail. I send plenty of.
magazines. larkin at geary.
alta plaza park
alta plaza park. pacific heights.
dotties at night
dottie’s at night. on 6th street.
whiskey nite
whiskey night. on 6th+mission st.
keep cruising.