Who wore what is a weekly series. And if you have any submissions, questions and of course fotos, feel free to share. All fotos taken in San Francisco.

This is not necessarily about being chic or into fashionable things or trends, but if you want, it can be.
It is about being yourself, what works for you and what makes you comfortable, confident and happy to ride your bike!

– – – –
Well on this occasion, it is my turn to show what I was wearing for butterlap 2 weeks ago, first ride of January.
The temperature was in the low 40°s. I dont think it was lower than that, but it could have been.

oh hai
Foto by Duby! 
A little late night panda action. I’m pretty surprised that sharrow sneaked in the photo. Good timing (!!!)

The ride is about 18 miles and dressing for butter lap, as I would typically for other rides, layers are key. Often during the ride I get overheated if I overdress due to the monster hills (the one up to the Legion of Honor never gets easier…) but then I like to be nice and warm while just hanging out at a bar or with friends. For this particular ride, butterlap pretty much goes from side to side in the city, so it could be clear by the Ferry building, Crissy field is typically windy during the winter and by the time we get to Ocean Beach, the fog could be super thick.

Anyways, this is what I wore to earlier that day.
Before I headed back out, I switched scarves, threw a vest on and changed to my black mini skirt (which I think is a ‘running’ skirt) I like it because it has reflective little strips on the side. Pretty handy as most of butterlap during the winter/fall begins when it is already dark out and we don’t ride past very busy or too-brightly lit streets.
The bright orange layer I have is thin merino wool which I am a HUGE fan, keeps you dry,warm,stink-free. Icebreakers are awesome.

work attire es riding attire
See, no rocket science, and if you overdress layers can always come off. 
Don’t let anyone intimidate you for longer routes. Working attire can always be riding attire. 
+wow, my hair is getting long…