This was back in early December, a core group of San Francisco bike extraordinaries+enthusiasts, rode a testing a route of what would be the 1st unpublished SF bike party. A lot of outstanding efforts, time, and planning has been discussed and the route for this upcoming Friday event was tested a few times.
Many props to all the organizers, volunteers and chefs in the bike party planning kitchen making all that noise.

In preparation for this Friday’s ride, below is a little video I made last year (at the time there was no URL available but now you can find all the info at I think I’m liking this presentation style of including a video, what do you think?! not bad huh..
I have also included the set of fotos below, these are too from the first test/ride Dec.2010 =)
[vimeo] Video:

2 photos of the crew: awesometasticos!!! missing a few, but mostly there.
San Francisco 1st bike party  
minus Deep (Photo taken by him)
San Francisco 1st bike party
minus me (same)
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More fotos of the ride: Distance of about 16-18 miles.
 The route was smoething like panhandle>Bernal Heights>Bayview>3rd>Howard>Dolores Park. 
Good times.
lights at the statues
The start at the Baker street statue.
the guys
The boys.
on valencia
On Valencia street.
oh haaaaaay
hot chocolate duo
kevin +mary kay
peace duo
cue ef si
qfc beats duo
blue and red duo
up the hill team effort
Push team duo! — up a STEEP hill. (Deep’s sound tricycle weights a ton!) Go teamwork!!
fashionable duo
chatting-the night away duo
dogpatch duo
amigas duo
casitas y bicis
The view from the back of bernal heights.
Cristina is a star.
Bayshore stop.
monkey electric by a kelleys mission rock
Dan +his monkey electric bike by a kelleys mission rock
Alongside the water
on howard
on Howard.
Stripey socks smileys. Calitexican.
super good times from all the by-standers
Super FUN good times from all the by-standers. Be aware of the tremendous amounts of smiles this ride causes =)
Deep and the Trikeasaurus
las spice bikers
and let’s hear it from the WOMEN!! yeyaaaaaaaaa ♥!!
golden standard
golden standard.
dial M for troubles
M+M: We say you can ride hills, all levels, all bikes. There is no shame of walking up a hill if you need to.
We like routes, we like hills: they do a body good. Your legs will thank you. kthx
the end.
the end.
+Don’t forget to join the party tomorrow night. Bring your neighbors, bring your friends.
More details at

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//// The San José bike party will be in the family of parties with SJ Bike party (posts from August and April rides), as well as the East Bay party.