I received this super nice photo and story from Illinois by Tim B:

Dad and his new Schwinn Varsity, May 1973

Dad and his new Schwinn Varsity, May 1973

Pictured: My dad’s 197X (1974?) Schwinn Varsity.  Put some air in the tires, gave it a test run, and took it out for a GREAT ride  this morning. It needs to be greased, tuned, de-gunkified, and have all the other things done to it that have not been done in 20+ years.  But for now… Perfect. Solid. LOVE that bike. I’ve been window-shopping for road bikes for years, but I think my resources will be better spent “tuning up” this one. Love it.  If it ain’t broke…

from Tim’s blog: life at 1901

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Vintage classic bikes live on and get to see adventures from generation, to generation
♥Gracias/thanks for sharing Tim!!