Butterlap is today for those of us who want to feel the change of weather in their cheeks! and stretch your legs and let your belly shake after the Thanksgiving break.
Butterlap| Meets Wednesdays at Ferry bldg. 7PM r
Ends at Bender’s around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride

Garmin map from 11/3, via ButterBill link»


♥ ♥ More than a few weeks ago, my buttercups peeps surprised me with beats and lots of awesome little things throughout butterlap.

mi peeps.
A flavor of the anchorlands brought to you by DN.
karen y tracy
karen y tracy
– – –
John con Tracy
Ade alex

valencia butter panda
butter panda in good company

lisamarie y yo
With Lisa Marie — I HEARTS mi bday card, muchas gracias!
patricia y yo
Patricia y yo.
Can you tell we had a HOT October?! Why yes, once the weather gets near 80° the tights go!… =)

And out of nowhere, this infamous Bender’s maker cake was pure awesomeness. mi so happy.
epic shot
this photo of me by Nio seconds after this was take -to become the- aka Nio-sporin. he heeee. 
Bloody elbows are fun.

– – –
It was the happiest Wednesday of the year – I was smiling like a troll and was very very thankful for all the good times. We also biked to the tunes of all kinds of modern latin rythms, bowie glamorous melodies and even a GaGaloo mix. Thanks to all the DJs V, CTX +NA, and Patricia. It was so much fun.
LUVYOU ALL mwaaaaah!!