Anthology magazine is a new quarterly beautiful independent publication, ran by two fantastic local women, locally based in the Bay Area.
I was honored and humbly flattered when I was contacted to interview for an article. At the time, I had no idea what array and variety of subjects visual design would be involved, which turned out to be fantastic. So I had the interview, more like bike chat conversations, with each of the ladies. This took place back in May (old saddle still lived and spoke card is from fresh from Bike to Work Day), the magazine was launched this past October.
So, to close this long week and almost this year, here I am. The article is titled “Nice Ride” with Frenchie in the spotlight♥!!

This is what a cyclist looks like. Says me!

The photograph was taken on an early morning at Coffee bar on Mariposa, one of my many favorite spots around San Francisco. The photo session was lots of fun and I even got to meet a few handsome local firemen. 
It was quite a thrill to flip through tha pages and see the photos. The design and photography, as well as the typography is well thoughtout. They also feature a local business spots, yummy eats and in the mix a coffee man and some pizza recipes along with it. So Bay Area!!…

pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaH — gimmee!!
Anatomy of your smile maker =)

There is also a informational nicely written by Velouria of Lovely Bike! which goes into detail why it is important and crucial that you find a bicycle that fits you well and learn to identify what works for you and your needs. Basic!

– – – –
Launch party reception event | West Elm, Emeryville 
Here are some photos of la Calitexican and I at the reception party more than a few weeks ago, causing crafty troubles in the East Bay. The event took place at the West Elm in Emeryville (Next to Berkeley, for those of you outside the area). The photobooth was super fun!

le DJ
a lady DJ spinning the night away
oh hai

– – – –
issue #1 The excitement to be featured in a non-biking magazine (as I have also previously expressed in BUST‘s article post from last year) is to be able to be part of the exposure and once again show that you don’t need to be in great shape, wear specific clothing or items and in particularly, show that San Francisco is completely bikeable and no hills, nor myths, nor train tracks should stop someone from at least trying it out. If that could reach and potentially inspire or motivate anyone of you out there, or if it already has by looking around you and grab a bike to use it as a tool to get around town — then that is just pure joy.

I love fashion and I like to dress up even if I’m picking up a pizza around the corner. I’ve always said that one should ride in whatever one is comfortable with and what feels natural to you. If you are happy and comfortable whether it is a dress, boots, sportswear, lycra or jeans, or whatever it is, then do it. 

You will conquer any bike route and see your confidence blossom to a different level while at it.

After almost a decade of bicycling in this foggy-steep-hills-fine and fantastic city, there is tremendous room for structure improvement, but the large increase of bike ridership in the recent years has shown that it is possible to ride the hell out of this city. Women, more women, more women!! let’s be represented.

Anthology editorial ladies, many gracias
+thanks for reading my blog and adventures

Now get off you computer and go ride, and get a paper cut from an actual paper magazine!! =)