scenic knit 

The motivation for returning to work after the Thanksgiving break is low. The belly is way too happy and I am all for finding any possible distractions on my various routes to work, caffeine being the main big crutial distraction. 

I have come across these adorable findings all over town. The knit bombers, knit invasion and whatever they are called, I like them a lot. 

My pretty bloggie-friend over in New York Jennine found some super wacky pink-red sweaters, I am very likely to wear myself (the-coveted link) and my buddy Keoki shared a link Berkeley’s yarn bomber “the Russian” (berkeleyside link). I am liking this movement of knitted pieces around the interweb, and even better to see them upclose. I’m sure our bikeys love it!

knit to knit you
Cozy sweater poles around the Embarcadero
so knitty
blue and bleu

Have you seen any of these around your neighborhood, or bike routes? They are so cool! =)