Last weekend.

The Bicycle Film Festival brings tons of films and creative movies into one place. Working hard and playing twice as hard, I didn’t have a chance to check as many programs as I wish I had, or that I have checked out in past years or 2008 when I got to go to almost all the films.
But that was then. and this is now.
I stopped by on Sunday to check out the cyclocross program and I enjoyed it.

When should I pick you up
“When should I pick you up?!” -wouldn’t you just love to go out on a ride with that bike, so fun!!
calitexican and the guys, rocking the parkinglands.
Melyssa worked most of the festival so if you attended this year, she probably parked your bike.

 The movie is The Cyclocross meeting by Brian Vernor. Typically, I like seeing specific films because I love learning about aspects of cycling I don’t know much about. Cyclecross is one of them, though I would love to ride in the mud and travel around, once I saw a good friend of mine fall on the smallest little stupid rock, at an angle his knee hit the corner and it split right open. Seeing that first hand after he had like a gazillion stitches and was such a trooper about it, made me highly aware of it – especially with my spoiled knee. I am no longer a teenager, and I am not in my 30s BUT my knee I love very muchhhhhhhh!
OK back to cyclocross.
These guys are fun-insane. The film took place around a few places stateside-Europe and Japan. One of my favorite scenes was when one of the racing guys was featured and presented his place and his morning routine. I don’t recall his name but he lived in very small apartment, maybe considered a small studio. He kept his wheels outside, so there was this cool scene of him heading out for ride/training in the early morning in Japan, carrying just his frame because he could harldy fit on his way out and he had to put his wheels back onto the bike outside his apartment.
At the end of the film the director had a small Q+A session but I didn’t get to ask any.

I wanted to ask if he was going to continue to shoot such films, if he ever would do women.


cyclecross beauties
After the movie. Ran into the cyclecross pretty awesome ladies Arena + May.

The fantastic feeling about the cyclocross races I saw earlier this month in the SF Bike Expo, is that not only both men and women were rocking this year’s Sheila Moon bright funky orange kit (which is super cool!) but that there were a large amount of young girls watching the race and at the same time there were many other things going on (like young guys flying up 30 feet up in the air, sales, shows, and so many bike activities) but it was very impacting for me tosee the little girls and women fans of all ages, me included, become HUGE fans of these butt kicking ladies doing the course.

hop master!
hop master!
(From SF Bike Expo, Nov 6th — which post from the event should be coming soon…)

So, to sum it up and asides the fact that I am alwayspushing for exposure and representation of women with bicycles, I did enjoyed the film plenty. I thought the way the cameras were handled, for such crazy movements and nature of the cyclocross races, was well executed. Also the landscapes in the early morning and Japan and Brian describing his Lost in Translation moments, were rather nice stories that go along with it and they are fun to hear about =)

Overall, the Bicycle Film Festival is a mandatory *fun* series of events to go to every year. Already looking forward once again, for next year. 

♥A special+sincere thanks to Nora.

Bikes ROCK!