♥Taken with my right hand
heat wave panda
Right on top of a sharrow!!
OH HAI it is true, I actually have skin under my kaledoiscopic collection of tights
pattern party
Muchos patterns
blue fog on green st.
Got some coffee on Green street’s Blue Fog corner market.
One of the only places around the north of Polk St./Pac-Heights to get Blue Bottle coffee.
Heatwave dose
Caffeinated patterns

I had lots of iced coffee lately, so needed a love-packed espresso dose in a macchiatto. yum.
Was I the last person to learn about the National Coffee Day?! Richard let me know on Wed. Morning, well I celebrate on a very serious level this special day then, on a daily basis. so cheers!

♥Taken with my left hand
on 7th. heatwave panda
tartinelands. bike parking on 18th off Guerrero st.
almonds y queso
almonds y queso sandwich at Tartine. They now carry 4barrel beans.
I think (I don’t accurately remember from the last time I was there) that they used to serve Mr.Espresso sometime ago.
black magic
Black magic, at the corner of Polk+Market St.
Funnily enough, I took a photo super-uber bundled up back in April (link) with the same dress.

on 7th. accidental shot
Happy accidental shot.
At the end of this year, will be almost a decade I’ve had this bag. I super hearts it.

Heat wave, was nice to meet you once again this year. Tell fog central to turn that machine back on. kthx.