Post street
Table with a view. and frenchie and a cute green schwinn

This little gem on Post street is a must. I love open windows facing the sidewalks and minute spaces that somehow always manage to accomodate all patrons and foot traffic. On this occasion what drew me into farm:table on a super hot and sunny city day, was the gazpacho in their menu (the post it in the twitterlands on a daily basis).

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caffeinated glitter awesomeness

It was a surprise to run into local artist and beautiful barista Jammie. When I walked in my eyes were attracted in light-speed quickness to this little dose of awesomeness sitting atop of the counter and I knew right away it was her work — then I looked down and there she is, working the magic machine that provides that delish liquid that I love so much.


My coordination was about 2 inches off and I spilled my iced americano. Good thing I have a sense of humor which the woman next to me did not have, but she also had an iPad on the table. Typical me, recking gadgets as if it was my job.

in gazpacho we trust
in gazpacho we trust

Last time I posted some photos from here was around thanksgiving time (last year’s post) and though I stop by more than a few times since then, but had not yet had a meal. I must say the gazpacho was pretty good and had lots of pepper and little chunks of avocado – which I really enjoyed. It was a good noon light lunch.

farm:table is on Post st. near Leavenworth and it carries Verve beans, from Santa Cruz.
tables y coffee spills y bikes. count me in.