The Unite Bike is taking place this Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 5PM in the Music Concourse in front of the California Academy of Sciences. [more info]

Clark and the Unite Bike peeps need a San Francisco photographer to take their annual picture, which this year will be taking place at the same time-the same day, around the world.

If you’d like to be the revolutionary photographer or know someone that can donate their time, to take part in this global project and have free time on Sunday afternoon and a nice camera to take leadership on this, please contact Clark at: revolution [at]

UniteBike 2010
he idea behind Unite Bike is simple. It is about promoting and supporting a community of individual people who make the choice everyday to participate in an activity that is good for their health, good for the environment, and helps create a better society at large.

Unite Bike is a test of whether our generation really believes in one another and the world we are struggling to create. This fall we can show the best of ourselves, and in the process help create the kind of society we all aspire to, even if only for the brief moment of time it takes to create a photograph.

There are no sponsors and no freebies, so this is an entire pedal-power-to the people event.
Photos will be published later this year or so via the unitebike website

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