el boogie
el boogie

♥Book | Creativity, Inc. by Meg Mateo and Joy Deangdeelert Cho
About a week ago, I attended the book signing event of Creativity Inc. a book by Meg Mateo and Joy Deangdeelert Cho at the Candy Store on 16th in the Mission district.
I am pretty excited that their book is being posted in many blogs and online creative sites as well as bookstores and local stores.

Get your candy
Mi book
el store front

The event had cupcakes, I mean this place was filled with uber cute gals. Such a girl-power fest, it was awesome.

fantabulous haircut
I loved her haircut+accessories!! so thanks to her for letting me take her picture. Adorbs!

The book is published by Chronicle books, a local independent publisher based on 2nd street, here in San Francisco. Their staff-facilities are very bike friendly, I know that for a fact.
Here are the two authors signing my book =)

Joy Deangdeelert Cho
Meg Mateo

An excellent tool to get your creativeness crazies going. And I mean business, not just imagination. Now my big fat cloud of heavy creative showers that has been forecasted in my head and buggin me everyday at my rather unchallenged situation, is about to unleash in glitter catastrophies. This book will be good to have as a good resource tool once that happens. Soon I predict… Whatchout for typography showers in a poster near you…

♥Magazine | Anthology
Meg Mateo is also part of another upcoming and exciting project, the much buzzed about magazine: Anthology
Meg Mateo y Anh-Minh Le
Creative director Meg Mateo Ilasco and editor-in-chief Anh-Minh Le at the Creative, Inc. event.

Anthology has been making the mega-blog rounds in the awesome blogesphere, one of them is in Design*Sponge (read it here) and from the above cover from fantastic illustrator Kris, whose work I have followed and loved for about 2 years. You can check out her creative process in her ‘The making of a cover‘ post. The drawing was created digitally.

You already take a sneak-peek, preview it online already.

I was absolutely flattered to have been contacted by Meg back in April, and to learn about their new project. A few months later I cannot wait to see the photos and interview, as well as many other people around the states that will be featured in this first issue. What an honor!
Bicycle love all around. Love it!!

Me and Meg Mateo y Anh-Minh Le
Meg and Anh-Minh and I.
fashion cargo

Here is a bag on my wardrobe back in May, that day was remarkably cold and I think it had just rained. Because the location was mostly red-paint, some of the dresses wouldn’t have worked. I also did my make-up myself as always, and all of that hair stuff. Though I think I might have worn my hat, I don’t recall.
So, can’t wait to get my copy in the mail.
This day was pretty fun + I LOVED being part of it.