house coffee in the haus
Haus coffee house on 24th street in the Mission.

When I walked into this place they were more sophisticaded laptops (you know the metal opaque looking pieces from the land of Ive) than open tables. Computer friendly spots aren’t particularly my thing, I always feel like if I sit anywhere near them, one of my coffee spills will certainly piss some nerd off or I’ll just break something. But I guess many find them useful and that’s cool.
Oh, their outdoor patio is really nice too, but on this day was pretty crowded back there. I’ll come back if I’m to meet with a friend or something and have a hot brew, and/or espresso drink to really get a taste of what this Haus is all about.

1:10PM Labor Day Monday
While waiting for my coffee a young man enters. He smells of bed sheets, philosophy and PBR
I think I was dancing with myself (This is quite typical) to some mellow accordion folk beats.

m/ hey. how is your day going
young man/ Oh I dunno I just woke up, you know (raised thoughtful quasi angry eyebrow with the sigh face sucked in a this-world-sucks expression)
m/ OH ok
young man/ Well, but last nite was fun. But today sucks

Their coffee is supplied by Ritual and DeLaPaz. I had an iced Americano. I was overheated. It was very smooth. Not your traditional punch-me in the face coffee picker-upper I needed at the moment, but was OK for an apettite-enhancer before mi lardy dose of the year with a dish of flautas de papas around the corner (potato rolled tacos/taquitos).

’til next time.