This is a dedicated space for women that kick butt in the everyday errands, commute and fun rides, and decide to take it a curious, wanderluster step beyond comfort to miles and miles ahead to see what’s out there, do long distance rides, camping and explore the landscapes.
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Lilia & friend
Lilia and her friend Danielle

Women Who Bike the distance: Lilia
**all photos below provided by Lilia
When did you start your long distance curiosity and where was the first ride you recall as being such a long ride?
I’ve been biking as my primary mode of transportation for more than 15
years. But I only started doing long-distance riding 4 or 5 years ago.
On a whim, I bought a touring bike. But then I had trouble getting
people to go touring with me. So, I signed up for the AIDS LifeCycle.
That, of course, got me training all the time. We did the Tiburon Loop
about a thousand times. You know you’re ready for ALC when you can do
2 centuries 2 days in a row and still get out of bed on the third
morning. (read her 2006 post here)

I actually think 100 miles is more miles than fun. But 50 or 60 is
fantastic especially if it’s your main activity of the day. Then, it’s
best to spend the rest of the day submerged in warm water

Me and Ilana en route – from her 2007 post: New York Century

What upcoming rides do you have +the location?
I’m expecting a baby. So, long-distance rides are off limits for the
next bit. But I love riding the Marin Headlands after work. I work in
north San Jose, and sometimes I ride to work (with a little help from
BART to jump over the yucky bit) — it’s about 50 miles, which is
tough when you have to put in 8 hours of work afterwards. But it feels
fantastic… and then there are pastries.

The 3 things that are a must to bring with you:
When doing a long ride I need chapstick, sunscreen, and gloves. Water
is assumed, right?

Other helpful tips you have for women +men, who are new and/or curious about long-distance riding:
Start with what you’re comfortable with — maybe about 25 miles — and
then add 10 miles every week until you reach your distance goal. Drink
1 water bottle full every 15 miles. Don’t wear undies under your bike
shorts! If your knees hurt or you get shin splints (or similar), take
a break for the rest of the week and find out what’s wrong with your
bike fit and/or form. Ride a bike that fits you. Don’t rest in spandex
when you’re finished — change into cotton ASAP. Scrub your butt
(where it hits the seat) every day — I’m completely serious — and
moisturize before your ride. Have a bike seat that fits you. Don’t
compete with other people — focus on being better at being yourself.

Hi Lilia
November 2009

Favorite meal/beverage after a long ride:
When we ride to work, sometimes we have time to stop for pastries
before reaching the office. I can usually limit myself to 2 pastries
only. After evening rides, I really love fried food. I really love
water too. I drink water all the time though.

♥Gracias Lilia!!