This green hack is presented to you by putting stuff away to the store and/or donate pile, when suddenly those two hook-rings from this bag spoke to me, and they wanted to tag along with me for the long ride. This bag is made from 100%recycled materials (I won a raffle thing 2 years ago from greenLAgirl) and became a brand new saddle bag, big enough to hold a little more than just a spare tube.
Though I highly covet a round small bag saddle from the British company Carradice, as well as the x-small saddlesack from Rivendell, I will settle with this quick fix – for now.
I went to the hardware store and bought the two rectangle keychain small pieces for about $2.50 for both, and here is what happened.

Little green hack
This is what all that fits in my skull little bag. +a rear blinkie light.
Little green hack 2/6
Detach it and go.
Little green hack 3/6
The strap detaches, so it works.
Little green hack 4/6
Little green hack 1/6
Little green hack 5/6
keychain attaches to bag and to the Brooks saddle hooks.
Little green hack 6/6
done deal.

This went inside. (clockwise from top right: first aid kit *yes includes neosporin*, camera, keys,
Red notebook, pen, wallet, phone, sunblock, vitamins) Later added rolled up arm warmers and 3 granola bars.
Coffee went into insulated KleanKanteen + water bottle, both on the racks.