Triple blues
Blue bench. Blue beans. Blue bike. Cadillac.

Now that the frenchie is getting her much deserved down time, I must say it that it has been pretty fun riding the smurfette all over the city. Especially the big hills. The ones I usually ride my way around them often over a mile, so that I avoid walking them.

Table bikes of califas

This is the cutest little market in the north-east side of the inner richmond, on 8th and California. The don’t have the biggest yogurt selection (life-saver for an caffeinated abused stomach), but you can find dirty -in the good way- fruit, french little soaps, picnic items, fancy crackers to impress your picnic friends, naked-brand coconut water little packs (I had no idea such things existed) and etc. etc.
And did you know they have Blue Bottle drip coffee? Well, now you know.
When my friend muffin introduced me to this little gem market a few years back, I knew that is some vital info that I just wouldn’t forget. Comes in handy more than often…