Another little hack.
Since we happen to have recurring events about bags and bikes and hacks, here is yet another one. I do love my little PoCampo bag, which is pretty much meant to be a handlebar piece (review from earlier this year: Feb 8, 2010) and continuing my fond minimal love for my road bike and fond explorations of new little new bags, because honestly, I can’t have enough bags – and why not explore with already existing items.
So, after tinkering around with the straps and playing again with the key chain loops from my Brooks saddle which, after almost 2 years feels like BUTTER, this idea along. Sure it rattles a *tiny* bit, but it does not quite bother me.
So there it is, pretty much this is as girly +classy as a small, petite rear saddle bag gets.
Holds lipstick, cell phone, some cash, as always – first aid kit, safety pins included…, some lady extra stuff, pen, paper, wallet, and clipped outside, the red rear blinkie light. A little bit of gold and a pager. wooot.

Made in Chicago by a two women independent company PoCampo, ridden in San Francisco by one crayz caffeinated woman. Bring it on.

Otro bag hack

discalimer. This post was not requested to be published by the aforementioned company neither was me, the blogger, asked to blog or post commercially about this.