While the SJ Bike Party was *tremendous** fun, the frenchie decided to show signs of her 40+ age. For the next few days, it will be getting tons of love from Dallas + Sasha over at Citizen Chain.
On Friday, the rear brake cables went on sabbatical and quit on the spot, and while stacking my bike around simple parking maneuvers, the Transat infamous crazy saddle, snapped out of this world. The chain is getting replaced, amongst many other wear-tear usual suspects.

I saw this day coming so it comes as no surprise, and new saddle ideas are already in the brain oven for months. As beautiful as the Brooks Pro-S my road bike Torpado « the smurfette » has treated my rear behind – I will be more than likely to go with another fine Brit piece of equipment because the frenchie deserves the best.
She is a tough machine that has taken me everywhere on an almost daily basis for many years, and has shown me the many colors day in and day out, fed my wanderlusting for my beautiful city, and doesn’t cease to present me and encourage me with the multiple empowering spectrums of my inner strength and confidence a woman and her gorgeous French two-wheeled machine could possible achieve. I love mi bicycle very mucho.
OK, enough with the I-miss-you sillyness, she will be back as the badass she is pretty soon.

frenchie is quite tough on the inside
Frenchie is a real elegant calaca on the inside.