What are you doing this evening? Grab your bike and find the

pretty sunsets:

unexpected bike wheelies:
wtf teal guy popping a trick - ha haaa!!

all kinds of bikes like, tandems:

single speed bikes with big baskets, and mixtes with not-so-big baskets:
big basket. small basket.

big big bike smiles:

get contagious by the joy of the i-just-bought-this-bike-and-i-love-it!!:
Jessica <3

bike kisses:
all smiles

routes passing the touristy destination in town:
fisherman's wharf

more smiles:
ride on

wicked change of temperature:

old friends:
arena, kathryn y matthew

and lots+lots of bike parking:
parking más parking.

All these photos are from last week, Wednesday July 28th

Come and get it.
♥Butterlap | Meets at Ferry bldg. 7PM • Ends at Bender’s around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride