Hello my super sunshine duo.

I shot this uber-blurry photo once we were on Valencia street. We rode from West portal down Clipper st through Noe Valley and then dropped down in the Mission. What did we do in West Portal, we went to a little show out there.
We all wore dresses, skirts, we all rode hills. This little camera just won’t do, but while riding on the south-west side of the city with the ladies and Portola Ave, the view was excellent. Super clear skies, semi-steep hills that go for quiet a while, fast-moving yet mellow traffic and then the back view of the sutro tower in the background. No fog clouds surrounding the horizon, yet. It was just a beautiful sighting. You had to be there 😀

The music was by Hang Jones and they jammed a good session celebrating the 4th of July this past Saturday at the Music Store on West Portal Ave.

hang jones
Los músicos by the window.
4 record store chicas
Here we are in the back of the store.
Sundresses, hats y smiles. QFC.