Is what I read in the subject line the photo my friend Diana sent me a few days ago. She said she saw this in what could be a ‘free people’ store near her house and thought of me ♥!!!


This is an mobile photo, but you can still see the somewhat knit-details (crochet?!…)
I can’t really knit to save my life but my mom is a fantastic knitter. She has made me tons of scarfs in *very* heavy yard that I just get too hot. Some days though I get to use them, or lend them to my amigas. Seriously mom, I use them from time to time. Here is proof:

1/24/10 photo by eric
“look mom – i’m actually wearing the scarf!”

I also have friends that are super good at it, starting with Adrienne – she made my infamous red bike cozy and most recently made a full on rocking skirt. And calitexican, lock cozy maker + crafty chica.
– – –
Have you encountered any interesting display/retail bikes lately? Object of media? retail technique? summer tone? victim of a tren? – I say the more exposure the better, bikes are fun and should be everywhere!
Okay, of course they certainly look better in their full splendor and not inside a window, but on the road, where they belong.