Today BIKE NOPA & Bikes And The City spin out a new collaborative bike series, Women Who Bike. Each Monday and Wednesday we will feature San Francisco women and their bicycles. Check both our blogs for the experiences, stories, and ideas that women who bike the city want to share with you.
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Amber takes off

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Women Who Bike: Amber

How would you characterize your bicycling style? assertive, carefree, cautious, competitive, law abiding, slow and steady
Definitely assertive, even when Im feeling carefree. And mostly law abiding but when no one is coming and the light is red…

Something basic: how often do you bike and what for?
I bike somewhere at least once a day– to work. Running errands. Getting around in general. I like to avoid using the car whenever possible and i like to bike as often as possible.

What could be done in SF to encourage more women, including teens and younger, to bike?
More ladies in the bike lane encourages other on-the-fence ladies to join. Maybe we should have lady bike gangs? Meetups for fierce females on two wheels? More photos more blogs and more women talking about their love for bikes.

How many of your best dates/friendships started with biking?
I don’t know how many start with biking, but all of them end up involving biking at some point.
I surprise people when I bike by –
I surprise people when I bike by because I fly past with almost no sound and often while wearing a skirt.

My message to women who want to try biking:
y message to women who want to try biking: Girls on bikes are sooo hot– you’ll feel sexy, bad ass and green all at once.
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♥ Gracias Amber!! ♥

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