Linden at quarter after 7AM
volunteers are awesome!! this station is at Civic Center, 7AM – ROCK ON!!

oh hai. im cute. and stuff.
the CTX

7:10 AM – May 13th San Francisco, Califas.
ding ding
ding ding
(bikes uTurn- swooooooon.)
– sup
– sup
– got coffee
– oh, got to get some
– ok, you heading to work?
– yea, you heading to volunteer, then work?
– yea
– rockstar.
– tsssss
– ok we talk soon.
– okthxbye

Perhaps the earliest morning quick conversation to date between the Calitexican and the Meligrosa.
Then coffee. Then bikes. and more bikes.

early pirate
Market street and I in the early times last week. Thanks J for the photo. A tad quiet for 8AM, but it sure picked up.