I got contacted by local magazine 7×7 San Francisco a few weeks ago, asking for permission to print one of my photos. Nice! I immediately texted Omar (to get a “model’s” permission, according to me) and said:

“Ur butt, in print Y/N cool?!”
“oh 4sure- which pic?…”

Mind you, I have many Omar-photos of his little rear end because I’m always behind him. He is an awesome friend of mine, and we used to ride a lot more last year. You know, girls and work. and stuff.
OK, back to the picture. It is from Sunday Streets last year. The magazine 7×7 is currently out and about the city, the photo is printed in the index page(s) and somewhere in the main body. I haven’t yet bought it, will do soon this week…
I got a kick that the sub-header of the article is “Three recommendations if a fixie isn’t the ride for you.” I feel like we’ve had this conversation before. Isn’t the fixie very 2000-late? ja jaaa…
This photo was taken on Valencia street and 23rd, June 7th 2009.

In the mean time, here is the web article, enjoy! :

Two Wheel Town: Best Bikes for Cruising In (And Out Of) The City by Jess Hemerly