Meet Eric.


Friend of the bike, bloggy, coffee peeps. You might have seen him around the blog a few times, but for a gloomy Monday that we will have (Am I the 1% in SF that loves this weather?!) I feature his awesome collection of sweaters, I have taken these photographs between June last year and fairly recent. Thought I’d share this styling man on wheels. He also has a great collection of vintage steel bicycles, but that’s a whole other big chapter.. 😀
Ride on Eric!

flickerin off
On our way to Fairfax.
ya talkin to me?!
ya talkin to me?!
howya’doin?! – at Flora Grubb
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Check out his blog at: Classic lightweight bikes & rides.

I also cross-posted today, a Sunday rainy ride from a few weeks ago over in the Collab blog of 4 women: Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!

Caffeination station.