A couple of weeks ago I entered a fun contest at work. Participants were to submit 3 pictures and I picked a few that you are probably familiar with if you have followed the blog for some time. It was exciting to see them in 8×10 so I printed a few.


Prints. Velcro inspects.

The Photography event took place last Thursday and it very cool to see my coworkers’ photographs and enjoy some mingling time. The voting was decided upon post-it notes. My team and I were not in the popular ones, but it was still pretty fun. Here are some snaps. Cheers!

sweetland. They’re all pretty and little but I didn’t have any – I really don’t like sweets.
Nadèges submissions.
Here are my buddy, Lady N. submissions.
Salut tout le monde!
and here we are with mine.
– – –