Did you know the Aztecs are behind that sour bitterness you love so much?! The word chocolate is brought to you by the Spanish tongue which derives from the Nahuatl word “xocolatl” (ref.) Anyways, not my favorite piece of the Aztec heritage because I am no sweet-tooth, but history facts are always fun. And with this chocolate-heart infested holiday around the corner, here is a little event I found via the SFBC’s chain of events:

Love of Chocolate Ride *
SUNDAY February 7th 11:30am | Meet at the Panhandle Statue (Fell & Baker)
Join SFBC member Robin and other cocoa-crazy cyclists for an afternoon learning about, eating, and drinking
chocolate, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Route is around 10 miles, some hills. We’ll end the ride with a chocolatey picnic, so pack a lunch if you wish. Bring cash for sweet treat purchases. Happy couples as well as those hoping to meet a new Valentine are welcome! Rain cancels. Info: robin@biteback.com
* Events notofficially sponsored or organized by the SFBC are marked with an asterisk.

And here is a picture of my rad italian road bike. Which hardly gets to see any daylight, in front of the local cute little TCHO store. Which means my knee is doing really well and I’m ready to ride longer distances. This day the picture was taken I rode with Eric around the city and stopped on the way back to get some treats for my friend Stephen because was not feeling well with his shoulder injury (β™₯get well soon!!). They have the cutest little squares to convince even a non-sweets person like me to try their samples.


Of course they have me over the fact they offer coffee but that is not all. For Valentine’s Day, this company, which I suspect has some connections in the San Francisco design world (…) TCHO is currently featuring their Artist Series with Love Connection by Max Kisman.

from tcho.com

Really?!?! Do you know how super nice this is – He is a cookie-cool Dutch professor of mine that used to draw each one of us in class while we were drawing in his class.
Here is a blast from the past:

here is Wishimi and Max. I think these pics were taken by my crazy cool friend Sandi.

and here is the friday morning faces of art school ca.2004. This class was just way too early, apparently.

Anyways, I was happy to visually come across mr. Max Kisman.
He has done some pretty amazing designs and graphics including a poster he made in 2003 for the del hel van het noorden ( The Hell of the North) Paris-Roubaix ride in Northern France, which now lives in my house, thanks to Jay. β™₯ Skulls+bikes+fire= awesomeness

The hell of the north