Market place.
Market place.

I had not ridden on Market st. for more than a few weeks. I honestly think I’m too slow for the whole action deal that goes on, and I had my many years of fair share riding on Market more than a few years ago, when dresses and cute baskets were not very popular on wheels what-so-ever. Never mind mixtes, what is that? a new fixie acronym?!… well. I’m soooo glad it is 2010.

So much nicer ā€“ There are so many already visible improvements and more to come!
Over the last few years, I personally have preferred riding on Folsom or Howard. Yes I have. The streets are better paved (lately) and there are no crazies harassing you in the sky with diamonds. Just leather shops, fast cars and much more. But, often I make exceptions. This past weekend was a reminder that I can actually ride at my own pace on Market st. more often, without rushing to work (ca.2003) watching out every minute for blowing-red light fixie kids and without traffic for some blocks at a time. Change is slowly coming and lingering around for good, junkies, bikes, trendy stores, cops, meter maids, SROs, union square shoppers, cabs, weed smells, Chanel NĀ°5 smells, financial district, Zuni and muni – along with us, the bicycles.

One day we will all dance this chaotic ballet in a wonderful unison.

Los cute beanies.
No matter the weather, you can always find them somewhere downtown / Los cute beanies.