Cupertino is known for some Infinite loop, an address often found in some sleek looking gizmos. So to get that out of the way, here is a picture. Get your geek on, nerds 😉

One infinite Frenchie.
an infinite bike

The local caffeinated secret is that, about 2.5 miles southeast from the mothership, lies the best reason to visit the siliconlands: Barefoot Coffee Roasters.

Bikes bikes everywhere.
Bikes bikes everywhere. A middle school in Cupertino. Very cool.

It’s always sunny in Cupertino, and that is definitely not a fake fact. It is. Barefoot is right at the division between Cupertino and San José. This cafe is nicely tucked in a small stripmall between a few highway overpasses. I am a huge fan of their coffee and have been wanting to visit their cafe since learning about them, and their coffee from Epicenter Cafe, in San Francisco.

Barefooted frenchie.
Barefooted Frenchie.

The cafe offers Coffee Lab classes for free. Home espresso lessons, latte art and tastings. What’s not to love. I quite enjoyed visiting their cafe, a nonchalant good dose of energy, the vibe and ambiance are great. Plenty of seating indoor and outdoor.

I am a lab rat afterall.
I am a lab rat afterall.

Most importantly, the coffee is a kickass dose of caffeine. Really. Had 2 rounds.

Caffeinated rodent.
Speaking of rats, here is a caffeinated rodent.
Barefoot machiatto.
Barefoot machiatto.

There are also nice maps that contain information about the origin of each of their coffees, process and other cool stuff that coffee addicts find rather interesting. This place is relaxing.

Hop on Caltrain and go (about 4 miles from the closest station).
Worth every mile south of San Francisco. All 50 of them.