Electric rides inside, no racks outside.
Electric rides inside, no racks outside.
Pole party.
Pole party.

Dear Best Buy.
You are a huge company with a huge selections of gadgets. Check.
You are probably the biggest parking lot (asides price club) around that area of the Mission. Check
I lost the phone charger and no one carries a 4+ year old one but you. Check

I have always noticed the parking lot. It is hard not to.
Have never noticed the lack of bicycle racks.
What gives? Although carrying a new washing machine would be a bit more challenging than in the back of a shiny SUV, make some effort to appeal to a certain group of us in the city.
Seems like you are trying to sell electric bikes – that is cool and all, but don’t ignore the ones that already use non-electric means of transportation.

Maybe you have requested the racks from the city.
Maybe its in work-in-progress.
Maybe the employees have a bike space inside.
But even so, put some bike racks, and they will come. Or not. If ultimately, that is your point.

Thanks. -meligrosa

What do you all think?! Does having a nice place to park your bicycle influence where you shop, or how often you buy at any give business? Do tell