Café Tacvba in Oakland | info «here»
My first Cafe Tacuba show was in 1993. It was free and it was full of grungy energized dancing teenagers that loved the fact that it was a one-day announcement deal. What a show. Very improvised and rad. In 2005 I randomly met 2 of its band members for a quick second in DF (Mexico City), one in a music-web studio and another having a beer at a whole-in-the-wall divebar, Queen Kong. I was so starstruck. It was cute. They are the it band of my generation served with an ice cold Mexican coke, hundreds of honking bochos in the background and the smell of the carne asada torta a cab driver next to you is having for dinner. Salúd!

I felt like sharing. Anyways, found these sweet posters via SonicLiving posters. Niiiiice