oYou never roam alone
You never roam alone

The Sunset. Riding through 19th and Irving is chaotic. But fun. This guy ahead of us made it seem like the time had stopped. It is amazing how fast the cars fly down 19th regardless of the multiple fatal accidents every year. Slow down people, it is worth it.

Basket case
Basket case

Civic center. ove the orange basket. Though I enjoyed more watching the movement of the shadows in front of us on the pavement, and the company of Ade in the below picture.
behind a rear basket, theres two more baskets
Behind a rear basket, there’s two more baskets
Too cool for us young kids
Too cool for us young kids

Polk St. I said hello to him, as we rode past him. He responded with a -meh-
dos lovebirds

Two love birds

Valencia and 20th. The weather was nice, it was Friday night and there were a herd of pedestrians crossing ahead of us. I was hoping I had my phone with me and it all came to a stop when I realized the couple ahead of me had shared a very sweet kiss. I snapped a photo, smiled and I wanted to hug someone.