This is from this past Saturday. Weather was already crazy hot (keeping in mind that we only get a handful of ‘hot’ summer days) and that to us fog-spoiled SFettes, means around 70°-80°s. Anyhow, the sun was out and in its full splendor and glory at 7am.
I had a dentist appointment at 8am and you if you wonder why so early: The earlier I get done, the sooner I get to drink my coffee, you see. & no one gets hurt. ♥OKthanks

saturday sunrise
Saturday sunrise

Morning of the teeth monsters.

I love my dentist, asides being the best and having feather-like hand craftiness:
• She always tells me to bring my bike in (which is super nice of her but, I object thus, the place is uber-super small)
• She tells me I have no cavities
• She wears dr. martens

twigs y frenchie.
the new sculpture in the octavia/hayes corridor

quad. cavity-free celebration.