lady bonita

Girl in a coma is a band from San Antonio, Texas. Glad they had a show here in SF. Calitexican and I met there. Parked our bikes. Chill. Bikes and the bottom of the hill and we had fun. The show went great, these gals rock.

Rowwwww /Girl in a coma

The above was one of the opening bands. The singer was so decked out, it was painfully stylish! matching gloves, neck piece and hat. Just gorgeous.

Then we parted our own ways. Early mornings and late nights, within the same day seem so poetic in a sense that they become different days within one. Do you relate? With very few cars, very few pedestrians and always bikes roaming around you coming and going (not so many in the wee AM hours, but there are always the caffeinated early-early birds).

Market st. after midnite

Here is Frenchie (on a different day) showing off a new little canvas bag. I got their CD too. Good stuff /xo