Tweed bug & Co. Love her gloves and boots.

The Tweed ride on Thursday was so much fun. There was so many good looking boys -and gorgeous girls too, ready to have a super nice mellow ride around town. We started in the Union Square/Market Street area, headed to the Embarcadero and headed towards the pier at the end of Van Ness Ave-SF Maritime Aquatic Park. We saw Corpus Callosum perform very nice pieces of musical melodies.

Cal tweed?

My Peeps. Oh snap!

Market st.

Dusty and Stella


Beach st.

Little bike sunshine. So cute!!

Blue sky, blue bikes.

The Frenchie, the Bat and the F.U.B.

Off to Tosca.

It was great to have the signs that were made for patiently holding traffic, so that we had a smooth ride. Good job darlings!

♥A special thank you the number of you, chaps and ladies, that introduced yourselves with such kind words and lovely comments -Pleasure to meet you as well. I’m very happy to have met so many readers of this little blog of mine. Highly appreciated!!

Everyone having fun on a fine evening bicycle ride accompanied by our city lights, is just so beautiful!

– – – – –

I realized I didn’t take pictures of the band! I enjoyed their tunes very much and we ended up dancing to most of their songs. You can catch the rest of the photo lovers on wheels on Flickr’s Tweed Pool.