1. Here is a hat accessory that seems pretty cool. I’m a huge advocate of sun-protection but have learned to embrace my tanned nose from the big sunglasses. Oh well. I still prefer Riding-Pretty’s super cute covers, if I was to choose one (Eventually, no pressure!!), but thought I’d share this by fuseprocject. Seems to be a well designed piece. What do you think?

[From fuseproject.com]City of New York NYC Helmet: We were commissioned by the City of New York to create a product and brand that appeals to the new generation of bikers, would provide safety both in a context of a free bike program, and of a policy to promote cycling in the City.

2.When I first saw the headline for this, I thought it was kind of a Bikers-hotel deal. I guess I have been thinking too much about the idea of traveling by bicycle across the US and it would be rad if instead of say, trucker-hotels or pit stops, there would be a hotel for bikers with bike shop and nice mechanics, right?! Anyways, these are good looking red bicycles. Here is the article:

Hotels Offer Bikes To Guests /By Deidre Woollard
Forget renting a car the next time you are in a new city,
many hotels are now offering bikes to guests.
It’s a great way to see a new city and be green too.
read the article here: luxist.com