Rumor had it that the Peet’s location at the Ferry building had a discount for bike riders. I know they do offer 10¢ off when you bring your own mug, but so do many local coffee shops around the city, which is nice.
I already get much love with my SFBC card-discounts, so I was uncertain if this was only for people that worked there, used the ferry etc. & so, rumor is true.
[Cute young lady-staff, confirmed: “For the month of November, the Peet’s Coffee & Tea /location in the Ferry building – San Francisco is offering $1 off when you roll by with your bike. Just testing it out for the month and will perhaps continue if there is demand for it.]
Save a buck and get caffeinated.
Pass the word, dear bike coffee lovers

get your fix

sweet suited man & his cool red schwinn!