Here are some of my favorite items, sold over at handmade-goodyness Etsy™ These shops are all based out of San Francisco-Bay area. Click on the picture or name for their Etsy page, where you can find more of their lovely products and info. All images from their Etsy shop. Shop local, bike local. Happy Friday!

il_155x125.24853277 il_155x125.15864697 shellmitchell / SF-Bay Area Cozy beautiful mittens for riding!

chewing-the-cud chewingthecud / San Francisco Shown: ‘I wheelie like you’

hugh-illustration-1 hugh-illustration-2 hughillustration / San Francisco (love mine from the Renegade Fair!)

kate-durkin kdate-durkin2 katedurkin / San Francisco Cute bags+prints

il_430xN.33078002 il_430xN.31185841 pollyannacowgirlbags / Oakland The sweetest bike fabric-small bags